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Trends in furniture and interior design 2015-2016


As in the world of clothing, furniture and interior design has its trends. Exhibition of European furniture and lighting ISaloni, which is held every year in Milan, the furniture is “catwalkand brought us new trends in furniture and interior. Just want to note that in the present design is equal to the allotted role as a visual image, and ergonomics and practicality.

1. Materials.

The main material is invariably a tree. Only this year it has begun to emerge under different types of coatings. Now in a fashion naturalness: coarse, rough surface of oak, maple, larch and ash with pronounced textures, gentle and soft slices of alder, walnut, poplar, acacia. Of coatings using transparent lacquers or waxes. With such materials the interior is warm and cozy. In combination with natural wood, the designers propose to use mainly pastel colors to avoid oversaturation. But lone bright accents has not been canceled!

A good companion to the textured tree would make the skin. Due to its practicality and, at the same time, style, is not inferior to wood in popularity in 2015-2016. One of the trends of the exhibition in Milan 2015 was the combination of glossy and matte surfaces.

Volpi Arredamenti Contemporarycapital collection

longhi sofalonghi

Innovation was fish skin. A strong durable fabric that does not crease, easy to color and has an interesting texture.

Мебель в коже рыбыПлафон в рыбьей коже

Комод в рыбьей кожеРыбья кожа в мебели

Also my niche is gaining furniture and lighting from glass and polymer materials. They skillfully combine with a classic interior.

2. Forms.

When the fashion gave us freedom of action in all forms is clear: geometric solutions, the clarity and simplicity of lines, minimalistic details. The delicate taste of the owner of the house is expressed in the conciseness of the interior. Strict features can be mitigated in some details, but only with the condition of the original design. Popular steel sofas and beds with external seams, chairs with three legs, chairs with legs made of twigs. Increased attention to the 3D facades, which create a stunning effect and enliven the interior.

3D фасадДиван с внешними швами и кресло на трех ножках

Kitchen furniture in 2015-2016 accepted to do a graceful and easy. Facades simple lines, thin countertops from a variety of materials, contour lighting, restrained and ascetic technique. But the minimalism is deceptive. Domestic kitchen equipment is amazing. Weight functional fly boxes, tools, shelves, holders for utensils, compartments for mini-garden with individual lighting, roomy cabinets to store jars forever left behind the question of the inconvenience and pile-up kitchen space.

Кухня в современном стилеКухня в стиле модерн

Итальянская кухня в современном стиле

3. The color palette of the interior.

The color palette of the 2015-2016 year are quite diverse. In fashion pastel colors beige, brown, grey. But no less fashionable this season was purple, turquoise, orange, green, Burgundy and all shades. Deep tones are used as accents in the interior to emphasize the softness and comfort of pastel shades.

1385220016_shutterstock_142024078Белый интерьер с яркими акцентами


Does not lose relevance white. He perfectly fits into the concept of simplicity and ease, which imbued all of the interiors this year. Do not be confused by the impracticality of that color in daily use. Modern technology has improved the common us materials, such as fabric and leather, water-repellent impregnation, solutions to protect from dust and dirt. Such materials will be a long time to please you and will not give unnecessary trouble to care. Beau Monde design related agree that white furniture perfectly matches with blue, turquoise, Golden-beige, grey and orange colors.

4. Lighting.

Because of the Milan exhibition ISaloni 2015 was themed for lighting, designers of the manufacturers have put in their 150% in their originality and innovation. The style of lighting and furniture, has a modern character. All forms tend to be more geometric, the lines are designed in strictness and simplicity. Nothing more. In selecting materials, designers themselves do not have to limit. A combination of metal, plexiglass, feathers, precious stones, leather and natural materials caught everyone’s imagination.


ZoI_8ChiP1gЛюстры в современном стиле